Airconditioner Service Maintenance

Crystal Air does repairs and maintenance to most brands of air conditioners. If a unit’s part is obsolete we will try to fit a universal part if necessary, to get you up and running again.

We do a comprehensive major service to all brands of air con units and our service schedule is as follows:

  • Clean indoor coil
  • Clean outdoor coil
  • Check indoor and outdoor fan motors for damage, noisy bearings or out of balance
  • Check all electrical connections
  • Check for oil spots on refrigerant piping (gas leaks)
  • Check and clean condensate drains
  • Clean filters
  • Check cooling operation
  • Check heating operation
  • Check gas pressures and top up if necessary
  • Clean all unit cabinets

If any major fault is found during the service the customer will immediately be notified and any necessary repairs will be quoted for.

Please note no harsh chemicals are used during our service in order to prevent any corrosive chemical reactions. Also note Crystal Air will not be held liable for corrosion. We highly recommend that any air con unit be corium coated to help prevent corrosion to the air con unit from date of installation.