R410A Cassette Inverter 60 000 BTU/H

In addition to a broad range of non-inverter Cassettes, Alliance introduces the high capacity 60 000 Btu/h Cassette model – high output with Inverter economy. With an indoor airflow of up to 1800 m³/h, an EER (W/W) of 3.25 and a COP (W/W) of 3.6, this Alliance Inverter Cassette offers large-area cooling/heating with economical current consumption plus the eco-friendliness of R410A gas.
• 60 000 Btu/h power output with Inverter economy
• Eco-friendly R410A gas
• 3-phase power
• EER 3.25; COP 3.6 (W/W)
• Indoor airflow up to 1800 m³/h

Alliance G-Series Inverter Cassettes

Inverter economy combined with Alliance cost-competitiveness makes this range an ideal choice for projects that demand high energy-efficiency. Suitable for both domestic as well as commercial applications, these new G-Series Alliance Cassettes are the perfect solution for jobs with tight budgets but where quality is non-negotiable.
• 7 models, single phase and 3-phase
• Inverter economy plus Alliance quality and cost-competitiveness
• COPs as high as 3.67
• Indoor airflow from 480m³/h up to 2000 m³/h
• Max pipe length 65m (36 to 60 000 models)
• Sold and supported nationwide by Alliance


4-Way Compact Cassettes – 12 000 to 18 000 Btu/hr

Remote-controlled, with both cooling and heating functions, the new range of Alliance 12 000 and 18 000 Btu/hr Compact Cassettes is ideal for smaller commercial applications or domestic areas from 20m² up to 35 m².
• Cooling and heating
• R410A gas
• Indoor air flow from 400 m³/h to 800 m³/h
• 4-way airflow
• Quiet
• Backed nationwide by Alliance

R410A Cassettes – 24 000 – 60 000 Btu/hr models

Available in both single and 3-phase models, the new Alliance Cassette range utilises R410A gas for environmental friendliness.
• Eco-friendly R410A gas
• Cooling and heating
• Single and 3-phase models
• 4-way airflow
• Indoor air flow from 871 – 1800 m³/h
• Backed nationwide by Alliance

Alliance G-Series Cassettes

Alliance’s new non-inverter G-Series Cassettes are suitable for both domestic and commercial use. Competitively priced, they offer Alliance’s proven quality backed by nationwide after-sales service and technical support.
• Alliance quality and competitive pricing
• 12 000 to 60 000 Btu/h, single and 3-phase
• COPs of over 3
• Heating and cooling
• Indoor airflows from 430 to 2000m3/h
• Max pipe length 50m (60 000 model)
• Sold and supported nationwide by Alliance