Crystal Air Solutions offers a 24 month warranty

The terms and conditions of our warranty are as follows

24 months on air conditioning unit as from date of purchase. Only units Supplied and installed by Crystal air solutions is covered by the warranty.

The warranty only covers for airconditioning units that do not have any outstanding debt owed to Crystal air solutions, which is due either for the initial purchase of the unit or for the servicing of the unit.

The warranty is subject to a service agreement of a minimum service of once yearly over the warranty period. This warranty will become null and void if not serviced. The Client will be responsible for ensuring that Crystal air solutions is contacted regarding the service of any air con units that is under warranty.

This warranty covers defects as a result of incorrect assembly, defective workmanship or faulty material. It does not extend to repairs. replacement of spare parts, maintenance or service necessitated directly or indirectly by wear and tear, maltreatment of the product, misuse, or improper operation, neglect, connection to an incorrect voltage, damage cause by lightning, electrical surges or electrical volt drops or work done on the unit other than by a authorized person from Crystal air solutions.

The warranty also does not cover for theft, or damage done by criminal activity. In case of dispute, repairs, replacement of spare parts maintenance and service shall be deemed to be beyond the scope of this warranty unless the purchaser is able to prove to the contrary.

During the period of the warranty, faults covered by the warranty will be repaired as per schedule by Crystal air solutions. Spares parts necessary will be supplied by the relevant air con supplier service centre.

Crystal air solutions shall not be responsible, without limitation for any charges for dismantling or reassembling the air conditioners for repair, any transportation or storage expenses, injury to persons or property, work stoppage, impairment of other goods, breach of contract, negligence or other such action as may be deemed or alleged to be cause of loss or damage to the buyer.

This warranty will lapse if any repairs are carried out by any person other than any person authorized by Crystal Air Solutions. This warranty is not transferable. Any repairs carried out under this warranty will not extend the period of the warranty in any way. This warranty replaces all common law and other rights which may otherwise be available to the purchaser.